Visionary minds can now work and collaborate in real time, thanks to the power of the internet, wherever they are in the world. This means that the pace of change will continue to accelerate for some time. The next transformation is the evolution towards “Smart Cities”, enabled by the “internet of things” and powered by 5G technology.

It is no coincidence that it was Huawei, and not any other Chinese tech giant, that found itself at the centre of the proverbial hurricane. Their position as a dominant force in 5G infrastructure caught everybody else on the wrong foot, and the responses we have seen illustrate this well: From banning of their business to spread of misinformation to straight up conspiracy theories on the technology itself.

Two things are clear; that the race to achieve 5G dominance is well underway and that Smart Cities are not a matter of if, but of when. And the answer is: sooner than you think.

From reshaping transportation grids, tech-enhanced urban planning and self-driving cars to safety and security technology and much more. It’s all happening, right now. At RUMA we have been envisioning, from inception, solutions that will elevate people’s experience of living and navigating these upcoming urban landscapes. Stay tuned for our upcoming projects!

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