The last decade we saw an exponential increase in the quality of product design across every industry propitiated by a new generation of designers and the expanding need of companies to differentiate themselves from competitors, in an increasingly globalised market where competition is rife, but opportunities to reach massive audiences have increased exponentially. The expectations of consumers, the considerations about the sustainability of products , the need to adapt products to the different needs of different markets present a challenge por traditional companies to penetrate in emerging economies.


This is the context in which RUMA was born and that has informed our philosophy as a design firm. We belong to that generation of designers that has contributed to the exacerbation and increase of quality in design across the board. We believe in a world where design is at the service of the citizen and the consumer, and where form follows function as symbiotic partners in a relationship that has as its center stage the product and the idea behind it. The solution it creates, the problem it solves , the needs it satisfies and the niches it occupies: Design is as much part of its DNA as the technology behind it.


This permeates clearly in our structure as a team, and the way in which we operate with our clients. We are able to collaborate with companies from inception. Our engineers , designers and market analysts consider every angle in order to satisfy the needs of every project, big or small, individually.

We believe in smart design and our signature beautiful-simplicity takes inspiration from the natural world and draws from our background as sports cars designers that want to introduce the level of finesse and precision of that industry into everyday objects, mobility safety equipment, wellness devices or luxury watches to name a few. We have a particular love for future mobility and smart cities, where we believe those values can and will have a major impact in the world of the near future. #DesignEvolved

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