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Migma is the greek word for mixture, an evocation to the life of the sea through structural bionic elements where the rationality of the technique is mixed with the fluidity of nature, represented by this noiseless Hydrogen-powered 180 feet electric Catamaran as a living  entity that furrows the seas with zero emisions. Migma catamaran is based on a minimalist and high-end aesthetic, creating a new way to understand spaces within a catamaran, where the core structure is located in the middle and all elements grow from it.




MIGMA design Project is conceptualized
to brake the rules of Yacht design,
having a view to the past and current
shapes we detected the need to lighten
up its weight and thinking new ways of
creating spaces.
The main idea is to keep it alive, aimed
by nature, protecting itself from the
exterior and maintaining a warm
essence inside

MIGMA is the oportunity to create big spaces with a minimalist feeling and luxury identity, avoiding overdesign and destinated for high class society. The user experience has been conceptualized for two cases; On one hand it offers a bussines use where the meeting room is the most relevant area right in the core of the boat; On the other hand, it can be used for recreational purposes, where MIGMA can host one or two families, offering two big luxury staterooms with ensuite heads and a broad front electrochromatic smart glass wall facing the ocean; There are also complementary staterooms and crew cabins with extra heads. Every space has been thought to have 360degrees panoramic views optimizing the use of natural light as in the cockpit


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