Rapid changes through the last year have rendered unrecognisable the landscape of the technological and design industries. Countless trade fairs have been cancelled, alongside as many projects. It’s fair to say it has been a struggle for most, and new paradigms in communication and the way we work have rapidly shifted, as we approach a near future where travel restrictions can be implemented on the blink of an eye and lockdowns may immobilize people, severely disrupting business schedules, making the organization of events a lot trickier and overall, a period of hurdles and adaptations is already behind us, but there’s still a lot to learn.

At RUMA, we remain committed to promote technological solutions that benefit from quality design. A design which takes into consideration the impact on peoples lives and the environment as well as the experiences that people draw from interacting with these new products that go beyond their practicar utility.

As a small but flexible design studio we have experience the same challenges as everybody else in our field, but we are proud to have shown incredibly resilience and still being able to pack a number of highlights to that paradigm-shifting year of 2020

The CES in Las Vegas last January as part of our ongoing collaboration with mobility-safety specialists LIVALL EUROPE, the release of SkelTec , a luxury timepiece we designed for Swiss watchmakers Chronoswiss AG and, as recently featured in Designers.org, receiving the 2020 @A’Design Award in the Yatch and Marine Vessel category for our disruptive entry #Migma. The cherry on top is being named finalists at the #iFdesignAward2021 for our newest collab. with LIVALL EUROPE.

Watch as we tackle 2021 with even more energy and motivation and keep an eye on our social for all of the new projects. In the meantime we invite you to take a look at a showcase of the incredible products and concepts RUMA has worked in so far.

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